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Code of Conduct

Welcome to the Metal Detecting Fediverse!

... and thanks for joining! We're excited about the Metal Detecting Fediverse, where you are not the product and we enjoy a friendly, safe and free social experience. We want all detectorists to get the most out of our Federated Decentralised Social Network and the Metal Detecting Fediverse, so we ask that you please read and follow these guidelines. These apply whether you're using our Metal Detecting Fediverse Social Network, Metal Detecting Guru Social Forum or any of our public platforms.

Be Cool!

We're all here to talk about Metal Detecting, and to enjoy the hobby together in a friendly, safe and free social environment.

We ask that you avoid the following:

  • Offensive or abusive language, as well as any kind of hate speech
  • Posts intended to harass, impersonate, or defame others
  • Attempts to abuse or expose the private information of others
  • Obscene or sexually explicit content
  • Spam, phishing posts, and any actions intended to deface this site
  • Bashing metal detectors and detector brands, metal detector dealers and fellow detectorists
  • Excessive posting of YouTube Videos and Self-Promotion
  • Advertising on the site

All the above are grounds for moderator action. If you have an issue with another member, we ask that you please don't confront them yourself. If it's on the Metal Detecting Fediverse, please use the Report command on the post in question, then leave it up to our Moderator Team to deal with the situation. Otherwise, report the violation to admin@md.social.

Our moderators may edit or delete any content that is offensive or disruptive to the friendly, safe and free social environment we enjoy. Serious or repeated offences may lead to suspension of the offending user's account. So, please be cool!